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Nothing to be Done

Spring is a time to be completely grateful to be able to connect to and feel what we are—that we are connected to the earth and connected to the seasons and the air that we are breathing. So many people … Continue reading

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Throw Away the Wish List

Every single day, the thing we have to remember is that life is not about our wish list. We’re not in this world to get something. We’re really not. If we live from our wish list, we’re going to be … Continue reading

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“I Will Do Your Bidding”

The Bhagavad Gita, which is a very important and beautiful and very ancient text on human spirituality, begins with Arjuna on the battlefield looking at his family. They represent the disappointments of his ancestors and the accumulation of tension in … Continue reading

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There Is Nothing to Change but Yourself

If you ever want anything to change, the only option you have is to change yourself. There’s no other choice. There’s nothing other than yourself that will ever need to be changed. In fact, if we all did change ourselves, … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Inner Work

My teacher, Rudi, used the term “ inner work” in reference to spiritual practice, which could be understood as making an effort and working for an accomplishment. But Rudi, in talking about “inner work,” was not talking about that at … Continue reading

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Patience and Concentration

It’s very important to have a deep commitment to your practice. It’s so important to understand, to somehow get, that there is unimaginable depth within you. You then have to honor that depth through your practice by dissolving the tension … Continue reading

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Creating the Space in Our Life

Nityananda once said that not everybody can be the guru at the same time. Somebody needs to be a disciple. What he meant by that is that each of us is called in our life to a unique experience that … Continue reading

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Our True Responsibility in Spiritual Practice

When we engage in an authentic spiritual practice, we have the responsibility to change ourselves. With that personal responsibility, there is a requirement of additional thoughtfulness. Otherwise, what tends to happen is that as we are empowered by our contact … Continue reading

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I Bow to My Teachers…and I Also Bow to My Students

I want to talk today about something very simple: the practice of bowing. Whenever I come to meditate or to teach, I always bow. I bow to my lineage gurus, and I bow to all teachers who have made themselves … Continue reading

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Why Do We Meditate?

I have thought a lot lately about the object of meditation and why we are meditating, or what we would be meditating on if we were actually meditating like we think we ought to. Typically, I would say that the … Continue reading

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