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Kundalini and the Energetic Mechanism

One of the important texts of Kashmir Shaivism, the Spanda Karikas, says that space, which is vast and infinite, is not empty at all. Rather, space is filled with vibrancy, with resonance. It is the resonance of space itself that … Continue reading

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The Inheritance of Karma

Each of us comes into the world as a manifestation of the life of our mother and father. All mothers, whether they know it or not, are reaching into themselves when they have a child and pulling out a chunk … Continue reading

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Kundalini, the Breath of Life

Classically, in the scriptures of the Vedas, of Kashmir Shaivism, and of Vajrayana Buddhism, the fundamental issue that each of us faces is to confront our own desires and in that confrontation, to understand the nature of our mind. We … Continue reading

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Upcoming Talks

If you live on the West Coast and are interested in hearing more on some of the topics covered in this blog, you might want to attend one of the talks I’ll be giving over the next few weeks: The … Continue reading

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The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life is the fundamental manifestation of the vibrancy of consciousness itself. That self-sustaining, self-organizing capacity of pure being is totally potent and has present in it an unimaginable possibility. The Breath of Life has an existence that … Continue reading

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