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Working under Pressure Doesn’t Work

We can’t accomplish much in a five minute meditation. We need to allow more time–a half an hour, forty minutes. It takes time for our bodies to relax deeply enough that we can start to make contact with our own … Continue reading

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The Expression of Creative Energy

We are in this world to grow in our awareness of that which is truly alive within us. That vibrant stillness that animates this body and is the dynamism of our mind is the whole reason why we are here. … Continue reading

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A Clear Pathway

In simple words of Swami Chetanananda It is extraordinarily simple, and really important and powerful for each of us to understand that we are in this world to grow. That growth does not happen from any circumstance that we desire. … Continue reading

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The Breath that We’re Breathing

Most people live in tiny little patterns of tension that they don’t have a clue about. They have no sense of what is possible for them in their lives, the richness that is available to them, if they could only … Continue reading

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An Enormously Powerful Place

Meditation practice is, in my personal experience, the most wonderful thing there it. To sit and be in touch with the life of our life is just incredible. To be able to be in touch with a place that is … Continue reading

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Breaking through the Shell

The minute we’re born, allĀ  of the potential that we are becomes encased in a shell. Some people call this shell karma; the Christians call it original sin. I call it the disappointments of our ancestors. From the moment we’re … Continue reading

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