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A Simple Matter of Love and Respect

The proliferation of experts in the media who bombard us with opinions these days is a reflection of the way we operate in our own lives. Each of us tends to have an opinion about everyone else’s problems. We also … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Ali Akbar Khan

I was devoted to Ali Akbar Khan and  had boundless respect for him because he embodied qualities that are rare in any human being.  I see him as someone who, at every era in his life, was continually devoted, deeply, … Continue reading

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Pouring Water into Water, Part 2

Every day when I light a stick of incense to offer in my puja I see a human life. For each of us, as the hours and days and months and years of our lives pass, the subtle fire of … Continue reading

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Pouring Water into Water, Part 1

About a year ago I was in Rishikesh, India with a friend of mine. He’s a Brahmin, and when we were on the banks of the Ganges, he had to wade out into the river to say a mantra and … Continue reading

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A New Set of Priorities

Most of the time we are living in reaction to our circumstances with a set of agendas that are limited–job, food, sex, that kind of stuff. Those are the things that usually engage us, and that’s how most people live. … Continue reading

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