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The Power of Devotion

There’s a story about Nityananda that I heard from the man who was attending him at the time.  It was about an hour or so before Nityananda passed away, maybe a little more. This man was a civil engineer and … Continue reading

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Patience and Concentration

It’s very important to have a deep commitment to your practice. It’s so important to understand, to somehow get, that there is unimaginable depth within you. You then have to honor that depth through your practice by dissolving the tension … Continue reading

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I Bow to My Teachers…and I Also Bow to My Students

I want to talk today about something very simple: the practice of bowing. Whenever I come to meditate or to teach, I always bow. I bow to my lineage gurus, and I bow to all teachers who have made themselves … Continue reading

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The Teacher as Energy Source

A guru or teacher represents an energy source, an energy source that we pull into ourselves to expand ourselves and dissolve the shell of karma we’re born into.  It’s very much like the way things work on an atomic level: … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Ali Akbar Khan

I was devoted to Ali Akbar Khan and  had boundless respect for him because he embodied qualities that are rare in any human being.  I see him as someone who, at every era in his life, was continually devoted, deeply, … Continue reading

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