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The Teacher as Energy Source

A guru or teacher represents an energy source, an energy source that we pull into ourselves to expand ourselves and dissolve the shell of karma we’re born into.  It’s very much like the way things work on an atomic level: … Continue reading

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Opening Our Heart

The understanding of the intention our life has for itself can only be known when we are capable of opening our hearts and through that access point getting deeply in touch with our life. Each of us has had an … Continue reading

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Intention Is the Foundation of Our Spiritual Life

Our intention is the foundation of our spiritual life. When we have an intention that we hold in our heart and live from every day, we are focused and we have the capacity and potential to succeed in our lives. … Continue reading

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Painting Our Own Canvas

One of the core texts of Kashmir Shaivism, the Pratyabhijnahrdayam, describes a sadhana for recognizing the ultimate reality. That sadhana is to absorb all of the objects that we encounter in our life into ourselves. By absorbing all of those … Continue reading

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