A Simple Matter of Love and Respect

The proliferation of experts in the media who bombard us with opinions these days is a reflection of the way we operate in our own lives. Each of us tends to have an opinion about everyone else’s problems. We also tend to have the opinion that if they just did what we said, everything would be fine. We believe that others need our opinions.

It’s interesting to see the way the world works, because it’s populated with people who are frozen in their opinions and attitudes in relation to everyone else in their life. This network of frozen-ness extends throughout the whole world. Every person thinks they know better than everyone else. That’s one of the main reasons the world is in the sorry state it’s in today.

Showing Respect

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Swami Muktanananda always used to say, “I welcome you all with love and respect.” He used to talk about the highest sadhana (spiritual practice) being simply to treat everyone with love and respect. To do that, we have to come to a place within ourselves where we don’t have any judgments, attitudes and opinions about anyone. We allow them the space to work out their own tensions and to be nourished as they do that. In creating this space for each other, we are accessing that space and making it more available for ourselves.

Our opinions and our attitudes and our judgments of others also obstruct us. They are an expression of the most limited aspect of us, which completely undermines the opportunity we have to experience the finest place within us. That finest place is also the ultimate reality. It would be a good thing to free ourselves from the burden of our attitudes and judgments and opinions because, at the same time, we are freeing everybody else of them.

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3 Responses to A Simple Matter of Love and Respect

  1. Neil Levine says:

    I could have used this message yesterday when I totally lost my center and mind over this Gurumayi retired not retired …..when I actually thought about it I realized I could care less …. Guruji your divine presence and the work of Rudi has opened me up and showed me how much time I had wasted waiting for Baba to do it for me!!!!work and more work deep desire and the want like “a mother praying to God over a dying child” deep hard work on my part what a concept…. LOVE to you dearest Guruji

  2. Janet Bebb says:

    Many thanks for this message. I was struggling with a situation at work last week and your message gave me clarity to change the dynamics. I’m looking forward to seeing you in December. Love, Janet

  3. Belle Moffa says:

    I was raised to believe God is good, and evil is something else —Swami-ji/Guru-ji, in all the years I have listened to you one particular and profound thing which opened my Understanding because of you is, I have learned about the polarity of life, including what we would term “good” and bad” — I have Learned that it all comes from the One. There is nothing and no one else but that One — the simple fact is the Divine Plan contains good and bad both — not just one or the other. I have learned through you Swami-ji to connect with the essence of my own Divine Spirit in my own heart and let that give me happiness — no matter what is happening around me and, no matter what another human being is doing, or living, or choosing, the same “Light” that is within me also Lives in that person — and there is a purpose and a reason for whatever the experience is. I have learned through you Swami-ji just to see it — that’s all, and not to judge it. If someone needs or asks for my help — do my best, but otherwise, it’s not my place to interfere or fix anything. There is a sovereign Divine Identity in every human being, guiding the process. That Identity has the right to exist, without mine or anyone’s judgment(s). Thank you Swami-ji/Guru-ji that you publish portions of your talks — I love that I am able to read them and be reminded, as well through your Words, Grow my own Understanding.

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